Charity Ball Masks


For an incredible selection of charity ball masks, you’re in the right place. Just Posh Masks is one of the UK’s very best retailers of masquerade masks - perfect for your upcoming event. Whether you’re on a budget, you have a specific colour in mind, or you need inspiration, browse below!

Charity balls are marvellous occasions where you get to dress up to the nines, enjoy fine food and wines and all for a good cause. With many organisers opting for masquerade charity balls, it’s the perfect opportunity to indulge yourself with a fabulous mask from Just Posh Masks and help to raise awareness and money at the same time, as with Just Posh Masks we have affiliations with certain charities where we will donate 20% of the sale to the charity as well, you simply need to check with the charity organiser and enter a code when you checkout. For more inormation read our Charity Ball Fundraising Ideas

With most charity balls, the idea is to have fun and raise money on the evening, so there usually isn’t strict guidelines on the dress code like a Black Tie Ball, but given the nature of the event where eating and drinking will be inevitable, it’s always worth considering the practicalities of your mask. Half-face masks offer a great solution over full-faced masks as they only cover the eyes so you can still have a sense of mystery about your persona, but still enjoy the refreshments on offer.

If you’re hoping to make an entrance and a lasting impression why not go for an elaborate design like the Semplice Piume Gold or get into full Venetian character with a Scaramouche Long Nosed Mask. Or perhaps you’d prefer a simpler designs that oozes elegance and sophistication like the Filigree Metal Lace Masks, as well as coordinated His ‘n’ Hers masks for those couples who want to be perfectly in sync.

Whatever your ideas for a masquerade mask for your charity ball, you’ll find a huge selection of high quality Venetian masks to suit and if you’d like to know more about raising money for your charity through Just Posh Masks, simply get in touch.

Ciuffo Silver – Budget Masks with Black Feathers
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