Masquerade Joker Masks

The joker has been a staple of the Venice Carnival for hundreds of years, with his smiling eyes and capricious appearance. With one of our authentic joker masquerade masks, you too can emulate this wonderful character, whatever outfit you have in mind.

The Joker has been a popular masquerade character ever since the very first masked balls were celebrated in 15th century venice. The character’s traditional mask, replete with smiling eyes, high cheekbones and an eerie, laughing mouth is capable of lending you a playful, yet sinister and slightly dangerous allure, irrespective of whether you are dressing in full costume, or combining mask with tuxedo/dress for a black tie event.

Here at Just Posh Masks, we have a number of full- and half-faced joker masks in our range, including some examples which include rakish headdresses, and other celebratory adornments. We also stock some more elaborate joker masks, featuring gilt leaf decorations, and some more modern variants that are based on character popularised by the Batman movie franchise.

If you’re going for an authentic Venetian Joker look, then a full-face Volto Joker mask is just the ticket. It’s commonly seen at the Venice Carnival, and is traditionally worn with a full-length black cape. If you’re attending a black tie masked ball, you may also find one of our half-face joker masks a more convenient option, as they only obscure half the face. The masks still features the signature high cheekbones and smiling eyes, but your mouth isn’t covered, thus leaving you free to sip champagne and nibble on canapés throughout the evening.

Whatever look you’re hoping to emulate, with the joker masks from Just Posh Masks, you’ll find exceptional quality and fine materials - giving an exquisite finish and authentic Venetian look.

Joker Vivaldi – Mans Half Face Joker Masquerade Masks | Blue or Red
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