Leather Masks

Our fabulous range of leather masquerade masks contains some of our most luxurious and comfortable pieces. These gorgeous masks are made by artisans in Venice using high grade leather; perfect as a gift or if you’re looking for a ball accessory that can be used time and time again.

Nothing says sleek and sophisticated quite like an authentic leather mask. Traditionally worn by street performers during the heady revelry of the venice carnival, these unusual masks have something of a sinister edge. This makes them ideal for vamping up a grey suit, or adding some much needed character to conventional black-tie attire.

Although they fell out of fashion for a time, leather masks can trace their lineage right back to the birth of the commedia dell'arte theatre tradition, where they were prized for their bold design and their ability to create a truly striking first impression.

Leather masks are also popular because they’re flexible, and tend to mould to your face once they’ve warmed up a little. This unusual property really helps to set them apart from their Papier-mâchécousins - they’re much more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, and they’re also better suited to people with unusual face-shapes who might find that more traditional, rigid masks don’t really sit well on their features.

If you’re looking for a suave, slick and undeniably fashionable alternative to the traditional masquerade mask, exploring our range of authentic leather masks is a must. All of the designs that we’ve stocked here boast unusual shapes with plenty of flair. We’ve also gone out of our way to source masks to suit every palate - from the overtly masculine, right through to the more fanciful & playful designs featuring devilish horns.

All of the leather masks that we supply are handcrafted in Venice, using traditional methods that have been honed over the centuries. They’re all made using high-grade leather as well, which means that they are of indisputably high quality. If you need help selecting a mask, or would like more information about our range, you can contact us on 01189474114 or email masks@justposhmasks.com


Opera – Black Leather Masquerade Masks for Men
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