Mens Masks Worn with Glasses

Glasses can be an inconvenience, but they don’t need to limit your choice of masquerade masks. Here at Just Posh masks we’ve put together a unique range of masquerade masks for glasses wearers, including masculine designs that will sit above your frames, so that you don’t have to sacrifice your vision to steal the show.

Masquerade masks for glasses wearers

If you are a regular glasses wearer, then the thought of donning a masquerade mask may fill you with dread, as it could mean an evening of not being able to see if you don’t wear your glasses, or a frustrating night switching between wearing your glasses and wearing your mask, which might reveal your true identity!

Take a look at our new range of Venetian masquerade masks specifically designed to be attached to the arms of your glasses frames

If none of these suite then we have the perfect solution, with our range of men’s masquerade masks for glasses wearers. This means you can have the comfort and convenience of wearing your spectacles to your masked ball, costume party or masquerade themed event and still have a stunning and authentically designed mask to get you into character.Alternatively, you can also wear any number of our masks with a stick, so you have the flexibiltiy to simply place the mask over your face with glasses on.

With our Glasses Wearer masquerade masks, you can assume your desired persona by partially concealing your face, with a masquerade mask that sits above the eyes to accommodate your glasses. One of our gorgeous unisex designs, includes the Lace Metal Masquerade Masks, which are laser cut from lightweight metal in a Filigree style in either black or white, so you can choose the colour that best matches your glasses, outfit or both!

Just Posh Masks are made to incredibly high standards using quality materials for exceptional comfort and value for money. Why not take a look at our range below and get the perfect men’s mask to suit your needs.

Phantom Glass – Budget Masquerade Masks to attach to Glasses Frames
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