Cat Masks

Choose from our beautiful selection of cat masks to add a feline elegance to your ball outfit. These playful pieces are an innovative and modern choice, crafted with those who like to stand out in mind. Perfect if you are looking for cosplay inspiration to masquerade as a Cheshire cat

If you’re a cat lover, or you just fancy something a little different from traditional Colombina or full-faced Venetian character masks, why not take a look at our Cat and Kitten Masks. Gatto meaning cat and Gatta meaning kitten in Italian, make for stunning masks that offer a playful, feline elegance to any masquerade costume or fancy dress outfit that will make you stand out.

These masks are cleverly sculpted into the shape of a feline face, with pointy ears and a button nose that covers the eyes, forehead and nose, leaving only the mouth on show. If you want to keep a little something back with your identity at the next Venetian masquerade ball you attend, these cat masks are the perfect accessory.

Available in a variety of designs and colours, you can choose to wear something plain and simple like the Gatto Fiore or you prefer something with a little more detail like the Luxury Gatto Fu, which features Filigree Metal Lace and Swarovski Crystals.

The Cat Masks are the most popular of all animal masks and can be worn to masked balls, as part of your cosplay outfit, given as a gift or simply displayed on your wall. Take a look at our full selection of high quality cat masks below and find the perfect feline fancy for your masked ball or the cat lover in your life.

Gatto Plain – Budget Animal Cat Masquerade Mask | Black or Cream
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