Mens Theatre and Character Masks

The theatre is one of the Venetian Carnival’s core influences, which is why we offer a wonderful range of men’s theatre and drama masks. Whether you’re looking for something inspired by Venetian theatre characters, or an accessory for your very own drama production, you’re sure to find it here.

There are plenty of theatrical productions and drama events that require authentic Venetian masks, so why not explore our delightful range of men’s theatrical and drama masks. At Just Posh Masks, we have a collection of men’s masks specifically catering for theatre and drama use. Whether you’re playing the part of Erik in the Phantom of the Opera or acting out a part in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, you’ll find a wonderful selection of masquerade masks to meet your requirements and give an authentic Venetian feel.

With a wide choice of Bauta, Colombina, Phantom, Jester, Snub Nose, Long Nose masks and more, you’ll find everything you need to get fully into character, whether you’re playing a comedic part in a Jester Mask with headdress or going for a more sinister Vendetta Guy Fawkes mask. With Just Posh Masks, all our masks are made to meet the highest manufacturing standards using premium quality materials that are made to last.

So you can rest assured that if you’re purchasing a theatrical masquerade mask from Just Posh Masks, it will withstand use on the stage.

Black Bauta Scacchi Silver – Diamond Check Masquerade and Theatre Masks
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