Masks for Glasses Wearers


We know just how frustrating masked balls can be for glasses wearers. Buy from our selection of beautiful filigree metal masks for people who wear glasses that are designed to clip onto the frame of your spectacles. This means that you’ll have both hands free to eat, drink, dance and more! Not your style - then select any mask and get us to attach a stick

Finding a masquerade mask that fits over glasses isn’t easy by any means. While you could attempt to wear a mask under your glasses and endure the discomfort and rather blurry edges of your vision making you feel slightly seasick, the most sensible option may seem like settling for a mask on a stick. While this may be convenient when socialising or eating, it is highly impractical as juggling a mask, a glass of something sparkly and canapes is no mean feat!

Here at Just Posh Masks we understand the difficulty of finding a mask when you wear glasses, so we have created a range of masks with one of our suppliers in Venice who now creates masks that attach directly onto your glasses. The range we stock is created from laser cut metal and decorated with crystals to add the same luxurious aspect as any of our other masks so that you can finally wear a high quality, genuine Venetian mask with glasses.

This range is made up of genuine Venetian masks designed exclusively for glasses wearers and attaches to the frame in a matter of minutes. The masks are made in the same way as the filigree metal masks, however they attach to the glasses frame and sit atop the lenses, meaning that you’ll never have to juggle a mask, a glass of champagne and canapes ever again!

Watch the video below on how to attach the mask and see how easily they fit over glasses. This range of masks has been designed and created specifically for being attached to glasses, they fit over most standard frame shapes and designs. If you require any assistance in choosing a mask or would like some extra guidance on fitting your mask to your glasses, please contact us on 01189474114 or email


Burlesque – Ladies Material Lace Masquerade Mask | 6 Colours Available
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