Snub Nose Beak Masks

Overstated, extravagant and undeniably eye-catching, our hand-picked selection of beak masks are an ideal statement piece. Below, you’ll find examples in a range of different colours and styles - from gold, red and white designs, right through to examples featuring traditional Venetian designs for added flair.

At Just Posh Masks you’ll find a comprehensive selection of Beak Nose Masks that will be the perfect centrepiece to your masquerade ball ensemble.

There are a number of beak nose masks included in this range, including the full-faced Bauta maks with its prominent nose, Il Capitano with its beak-like snub nose and the Joker mask, which has a beak like nose on a half-face mask.

You’ll find a choice of beak nose masks, so you can emulate a number of Venetian characters for your masquerade persona, whether you’re looking for complete anonymity with a traditional Bauta mask or you want to give a little air of mystery and mischievousness with a half-face Joker, we have plenty of styles, colours and designs to choose from.

The Captain Gold is a fabulous mask for those looking for a little extravagance with a playful side to emulate the true character of Il Capitano from the Commedia dell-Arte.

Whatever style or persona you want to portray, with Just Posh Masks you can rest assured that all our masks are made to exacting standards using quality materials for an exquisite finish and comfort during wear.

Arlecchino Bruno – Rich Red Brown Venetian Nose Masks for Men
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