Womens Blue Masks


It doesn't matter whether you’re looking for midnight-blue hues or dazzling shades of cerulean: Here at Just Posh Masks, we stock a beautiful selection of womens blue masquerade masks to match any ensemble. Browse the range below to discover a plethora of options inspired by the traditions of the Venice carnival.

At Just Posh Masks you’ll find everything you need for the perfect masquerade mask, whether you’re attending a formal masked ball, masquerade party or carnival. Our stunning collection of women's blue masks has so much to offer in terms of colour, designs, elegance and charm.

The whole idea behind Venetian masks was to allow wearers the opportunity to have complete anonymity, whether they were male or female, rich or poor, so whether you want to assume the role of a Venetian bourgeoisie lady or have a little fun with feline features, you’ll find plenty of beautiful designs for blue masks right here.

From feathers and sparkles to simple classic designs, we have half-face masks, like the Colombina and Larga such as the Side Feather Venetian Masquerade Mask – Semplice Sliver, for those ladies who don’t want to completely conceal their face and still show off that stunning bright red lipstick or those defined cheek bones. However, if you fancy getting into full Venetian character and giving a real air of mystery, we also have full-faced Volto style masks with or without feathers, depending on your fancy!

Manufactured to a very high standard using quality materials, you can take a look at our complete range of women's blue mask below and find just what you’re looking for.

Baby Armony Silver – Petite Feathered Masquerade Masks | 10 Colours Available
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