Drama and Theatre Masks


Classic theatre productions and simple travelling plays from centuries ago still inspire Venetian carnival dress today, and many of the stock characters offer popular mask choices. This section contains our finest drama and theatre masks - perfect for those who are putting on their very own reenactment.

Whether you’re part of a theatre production, or you’re attending an audience participation play, Just Posh Masks is delighted to bring you a huge selection of theatre masks, all inspired by the spirit of the masquerade ball.

From the Commedia dell'arte, the first form of professional theatre,come all of the well known stock characters; traditional styles from before "masquerade" became commercial. These theatre masks can be full- or half-faced, with or without various decorations, including feathers, head dresses, pearls and bells. They’re perfect for enacting your very own plays and productions, as well as wearing to events such as balls and parties.

Other famous masks in this category include the comedy tragedy drama masks, also frequently known as ‘happy sad masks’ or ‘laughing crying masks’. These masks were used in ancient Greece theaters so that the audience would see an expression of the character they were meant to be portraying. The characters’ names are Thalia (muse of Comedy) and Melpomene (muse of Tragedy). The BAFTA award is a trophy mask originally based on the traditional concept of the theatrical tragicomic mask.

All of our theatre and drama masks are made in Venice using traditional technique to ensure the utmost authenticity and quality.

Nasone Scacchi – Venetian Nose Masks with Diamond Pattern | 5 Colour Options
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