Womens Black Masks


The classic black mask is the perfect accompaniment to your ball outfit, whether you’re attending a black tie event, or you’re looking for something dark and seductive. Our black womens masquerade masks are available in a huge range of styles, from traditional to modern, and from the modest to the extravagant.

Just like your Little Black Dress, a lady’s black mask could become your essential accessory for your masquerade ball costume.

At Just Posh Masks, we offer an extensive selection of women's black masks that will allow you to create the perfect centrepiece for your next masquerade ball, costume party of carnival celebrations. Whether you’re dressing in a full black ensemble for a sultry look or wearing a brightly coloured costume and want a mask that won’t detract from your overall look, we have plenty of black lady’s masks to give you inspiration. Perhaps you’re a lady who likes to make a big entrance, in which case our fancy feather masks will be the ideal solution.

Take a look at our choice of full-faced Volto Feathered masquerade masks that are wonderfully decorated with luxurious ostrich and peacock feathers. Or maybe you want to go under the radar, but still give your fellow guests something to talk about, so why not explore our fabulous collection of half-masks in Filigree lace metal, which feature beautiful intricate detailing and in some designs Swarovski crystals for some added feminine charm.

With so many designs to choose from at Just Posh Masks, all manufactured to incredibly high standards using quality material, you’ll be spoilt for choice and sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Vanity Gold – Luxury Feathered Venetian Ball Masks for Women | 3 Colours Available
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