Scaramouche or Scaramuccia - A Commedia dell'Arte Character

A larger than life clown character who played an unscrupulous rascal who was a coward

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Scaramouche - An unscrupulous Rascal Scaramuccia (better known as Scaram

01 May 2020
Commedia Dell'Arte Character - Scaramouche

Pantalone from Commedia dell'arte

Pantalone - The Commedia dell'Arte Venetian Theatre Character

From Venetian merchant to distinguished nobleman, Pantalone is one more rapacious stock character from the Commedia dell’Arte. Educated and upper class, this character wears a protruding nose mask


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Pantalone - The Commedia dell'Arte Venetian Theatre Character From Ven

06 Apr 2020
Pantalone - A Venetian Stock Character

Two Pierrot clowns with umbrellas

Pierrot - The unmasked character from Commedia dell'arte

A look at the lovable and popular clown known as Pierrot or Pedrolino. His identity and appearance, character and personality, the origin and his influence on modern day music

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Pierrot or Pedrolino – The Sad Clown from Commedia Dell’Arte

03 Apr 2020
History and Origin of Pierrot the Clown

Arlecchino Harlequin Commedia dell'Arte

Who is Harlequin and is he the same character as Arlecchino?

A look at Harlequin Venetian theater character and his role in the Commedia delle'Arte

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Who is Harlequin from Commedia delle’Arte Harlequin, in Italian: A

29 Feb 2020
Harlequin or Arlecchino - Venetian Theatre Character

Colombina with Arlecchino

Colombina the Commedia dell'Arte Character and the mask she wore

Colombina or “Little Dove” as she is known in French is another stock comic character in the Commedia dell'Arte. Her role combines that of a disloyal wife, a fetching mistress and a saucy maid. On stage, she presents herself as a mischievous scheming soubrette

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Who is Colombina from Commedia dell'Arte? Colombina or “Little Dov

22 Feb 2020
Colombina - Venetian Theatre Character

Ill Capitano in full Venetian costume

Who is I'll Capitano?

Il Capitano is one of the stock characters of the Commedia dell'arte, a centuries-old form of amusing and satirical comedy performed by masked players. He is a pompus, comical, dishonest and arrogant character claiming to be a Spanish soldier. The mask he wore is known as the Captain nose mask and comes in two forms depending on who is claiming to be.

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  Who is Il Capitano? The Captain, Il Capitano in Italian, is one of

12 Feb 2020
Ill Capitano - Venetian Stock Character Mask

Four people in full Venetian costume at the Venice Carnival

When and how did the Venice Carnival start

The most famous Carnival in the world and its link to the Commedia dell'Arte Venetian theatre

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The Birth of the Venice Carnival - How did it start? If there is one

09 Feb 2020
How did the Venice Carnival come about?

Man in full Venetian costume wearing the Bauta Mask

The Bauta - One of the Oldest Venetian mask designs

With a checkered history this mask has much history and many myths

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The Bauta - an old design that is popular today The Bauta mask is one of

08 Feb 2020
The Bauta – History and Myths of this Iconic Venetian Mask

Group in Venice wearing plague doctor masks

Plague Doctor Mask History

A macabre and sinister mask known as the Medico Della Peste mask

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Behind the Mask - The Plague Doctor known as Medico della Peste Perhaps

29 Jan 2020
History of the Plague Doctor Mask

Doctor mask facing a respirator mask

The Plague Doctor knew about face masks before for the Coronavirus!

Face masks take on an entirely different meaning as the Venice Carnival clashes with the spread of the Coronavirus

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By: Tracy Chandler (& Paul Parham) Face masks take on an e

27 Jan 2020
The Plague Doctor knew about face masks before for the Coronavirus!

Valentine Ladies ready for masked ball

Getting behind the mask with your Valentine

List of masquerade events happening in over the Valentine weekend in 2020, including date night masked events, Charity balls, burlesque, drag and Gothic

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Places to take your Valentine If you like dressing up with your partner

10 Jan 2020
Valentines Masked Ball Events 2020

Look a like Boris Johnson masquerading as the clown

A Satirical Look at Boris Johnson Masquerading on the World Stage

Which mask will Boris wear when striking the UK's trade deals post Brexit

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Will Boris masquerade with the world leaders or will he drop the mask? I

22 Dec 2019
Will Boris Johnson Masquerade post Brexit or will he drop the Mask?

Group of people dressed for a masked ball

What to expect when going to a Venetian themed masked ball

Get informed on what happens, what to wear, which type of mask to pick and how to do your hair and makeup

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// What to expect after you have been invited to Venetian themed ma

14 Dec 2019
The Ultimate Guide to the Venetian masked ball

Christmas tree decorated with purple Venetian masks and faux flowers

Using Venetian masks as an alternative for Christmas decorations

Want your Christmas decoration to stand out then read this. From using masks, and faux flowers, to decorate your tree to creating an outstanding table for Christmas day dinner

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Using Venetian masks as an alternative for Christmas decorations Dressin

13 Dec 2019
Christmas Decoration Ideas

Masquerading in Kiss Me Purge mask

Are you a Purger or will you be purged

Recreating some of the creepy monster style masks from The Purge Movies

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Recreating Purge Movie Characters The Purge movies are an American media

20 Oct 2019
How to Make the Creepy Purge Movie Masks

Man masquerading with Phantom mask

2019 Top 10 Halloween Masks for Masquerading

Our pick of the best masked characters for your Halloween fancy dress costume

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2019 Top 10 Halloween Masks for Masquerading With the kids back at schoo

29 Sep 2019
Top 10 Halloween Masks for Masquerading

Box of masquerade ball masks

What are masquerade masks made from?

Papier mache, leather, resin or filigree metal. How are they made and how do you choose which material your mask should be made of? Does it matter? Thats upto you ...... Read on

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Covering Paper Mache, Resin, Metal and Leather Masks Choosing the right&

26 Jul 2019
What are Venetian Masquerade Masks made of?

school prom masked ball

If your school prom is a masked ball then we have some great advice on choosing the right mask

From the best colour mask to making your own unique mask creation.

If you want to make an entrance then read on....

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Guide to Masks for School Proms           

29 Jun 2019
Great Mask Styles for School Proms and Leaving Parties

Venetian Cat mask on a wall

A unique way to decorate your walls is to use Venetian masks

Whether you want to hang it or put it on a stick and display it in a vase, these unique, ornate, masks make a stunning piece of art. Read more to find out how ....

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What’s the best way to display a Venetian mask?     

15 Jun 2019
How to Display a Venetian Mask on a Wall

handbag essentials for masquerade ball

Masquerade Ball handbag essentials

  • Tissues
  • Eye makeup
  • Jiffy Bag
  • Hairpins
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  What should be in your handbag for a night at a masked ball? 

03 Jun 2019
Four Handbag Essentials when going to a Masquerade Ball

masquerade wedding

The ins and outs of organising a masquerade wedding reception

A few tips to help you on your way once you have decided that you want the evening do to be a little something different and have asked all your guests to wear a mask for your big day

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Tips and advice on preparations for your themed wedding reception 

31 May 2019
How to Organise a Masquerade Wedding Reception

Masquerading lipstick whilst wearing a mask

Trending lipstick ideas for a masquerade ball pout

How to makeup your lips to ensure they compliment your mask. When wearing a half face mask your only asset showing is your eyes and your lips

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What to do with your lips when wearing a half face mask    &nbs

29 May 2019
Three Trending Lipstick Ideas for the Perfect Masked Ball Pout

masks masquerading on the catwalk

Masks of all shapes and sizes graced the catwalk during Milan Fashion Week

From full face to half face eye masks, Gucci showcases the long-held tie between fashion and creative masks that inspire, shock and thrill members of the fashion community

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Mixing masks with fashion             

27 May 2019
Designer masks grace the catwalk again at Milan Fashion Week

Travelling with your mask for masquerade on a cruise

Tips for packing your chosen mask for your masquerade ball night on board your cruise ship

From using your underwear to a plastic tube. Choose the right mask transporting in a suitcase or carrying in your hand luggage

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Tips for carrying your mask in your suitcase or hand luggage   

24 May 2019
How to Pack Your Mask Properly When Heading Off on a Cruise

Don't want to wear a masquerade mask

You've been invited to a masked ball and you do not want to wear a mask?

Here we try to convince you to get in character and enjoy the ball by looking at the history of the Venice Carnival, the Venetian Characters and ways to make it a game

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Why you should wear a mask, even when you don't want to !    &n

20 May 2019
How to Convince Someone to Wear a Mask to a Ball

Masquerading on Board a cruise ship

The Captain likes a masked ball at sea !

Theme nights on board a cruise ship are a must and when your holiday includes a masquerade ball you need to know the best mask to choose for the Captains night

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How to choose the perfect mask for a cruise ship masquerade ball  &n

19 Apr 2019
Choosing your Mask for a Cruise Ship Masquerade Ball

How to do makeup when wearing with maquerade masks

Makeup advice for your masquerade ball

  1. Lay the right foundation
  2. Create drama with contouring
  3. Its all about the eyes
  4. Dramatise your lips
  5. Make accessories the star
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The best way to do your makeup when wearing a masquerade mask   

07 Dec 2018
Makeup Tips for Wearing your Mask

masquerade ball Christmas Party Games

What sort of games can you play at your office Christmas party?

Games to encourage staff to mix and have fun. Read on if you are interested in masquerade fun ...

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By: Tracy Chandler Looking for Office Christmas party game ideas?&n

06 Dec 2018
Christmas Party Games

FloreSofen masquerading as Batwoman

Comic book hero Batwoman is an excellent choice for your next Cosplay costume

A look at this character over the years, how her costume has changed and how to achieve the look with simple clothing and a mask

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Interested in Costume & Mask Inspiration from Comic Book Hero Batwoma

14 Oct 2018
Mask Inspiration: Batwoman

masquerade masks for different shaped faces

Do all masks suit all shaped faces?

Whether you have an oval, round, square or heart shaped face, whether you have a beard or wear glasses, you will find a guide on choosing the right mask

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A guide to choosing the right mask for your face shape     

14 Oct 2018
Guide to Choosing the Right Mask for Different Shaped Faces

Halloween Costume Phantom of the opera

Which costume should you choose for Halloween masquerade outfit?

The devil, plague doctor, phantom, Day of the Dead, the joker, Pennywise, Michael Myers, Norman Bates’ Mother or the Vendetta mask "V" ......Read on to pick your favourite horror fancy dress

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Choosing your costume for Halloween          &nb

14 Oct 2018
Cosplay Inspiration: Halloween Costume Ideas

Anonymous masquerading as V for Vendetta mask

For Cosplay inspiration try the V for Vendetta mask, a long black cape and a beaver hat.

Whether you are looking to emulate one of DC Comic’s most controversial anti-heroes "V" or you just want something simple for Halloween, the Guy Fawkes mask is a great addition to your fancy dress wardrobe

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Choosing your Mask and Costume for the V for Vendetta Look   

12 Oct 2018
Cosplay Inspiration: V for Vendetta

Masquerading as Catwoman Cosplay

Looking to play Catwoman as your next cosplay character?

Here we have a run down of Catwoman over the years from 1947 to date and how to get into character with cat masks

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  Choosing your Mask and Costume for dressing as Catwoman   &

09 Oct 2018
Cosplay Inspiration: Catwoman

Masquerading as Green Arrown Cosplay for women

Cosplay inspiration for Green Arrow, the comic book masked crusader.

An in depth look at the history of comic heroes and villians. If you are looking for costume ideas using masks then Just Posh Masks are the experts

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  Choosing your Mask and Costume for the DC Comic Character Green A

29 Sep 2018
Cosplay Inspiration: Green Arrow

masquerade party planning

Planning a masquerade party

Where your ball should be held, how to decorate the venue and what entertainment you should expect at a masked ball

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A Guide on How to Plan a Masquerade Party        &nbs

25 Sep 2018
How to Plan a Masquerade Party

Phantom of the Opera Mask History

History of the Phantom of the Opera Mask

An iconic mask used in theatre and all types of cosplay. Read our costume inspiration on the phantom mask across the ages

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A Guide to Costume Inspiration: Phantom of the Opera Masks Possibly one

22 Sep 2018
Cosplay Inspiration: Phantom of the Opera

Masquerade Balls in British TV Shows

Looking for Masquerade Inspiration?

Take a look at our Masks used in British TV Shows blog. From Spencer Matthews as The Bachelor to Strictly Come Dancing, Just Posh Masks have been the preferred supplier of high quality masquerade masks for many films, soaps and TV shows

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A Look at Masquerade Balls in British TV Shows Finding inspiration for y

31 Aug 2018
Masquerade Balls in British TV Shows

Summer 2018 Immersive Events London

To satisfy your need for an enchanting night out

From the Great Gatsby to Feasty Blinders including the VR AR experience of Somnai, the Murder Express, Royal Day out and, of course, the Great Masked Ball

Read More

The Best Immersive Events this Summer         

06 Jul 2018
The Best Immersive Events in Summer 2018

Masqueraders in TV Shows

Characters in TV Shows and the masks they wore

Looking for inspiration for your masked ball then copy one of the characters from Revenge, The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, The Royals or Pretty Little Liars

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  TV Shows that incorporated a masquerade ball in their story line

02 Jul 2018
Masquerade Balls in TV Shows - The Ultimate Resource

Save Venice

The Save Venice masquerade ball

This took place in April with celebrities, stars and famous people, with one aim, helping to raise over one million dollars to restore art and architecture of Venice

Read More

  A charity masquerade ball held to save Venice    &nbs

31 May 2018
In Focus: The Save Venice Masquerade Ball

Bauta worn at Venice Carnival

Masquerade balls in popular culture, starting with French King Charles VI and the Bal Des Ardents and ending with Strictly Come Dancing

Covering American masquerade ball prom nights, Venetian Carnival, Aphra Behn, Jane Austin, Masque of the Red Death, Labyrinth, Phantom of the Opera and Romeo and Juliet, all of whom have worn masks

Read More

Masquerade Balls throughout history          &

28 Mar 2018
Masquerade Balls in Popular Culture

Wholesale masquerade masks

Partnering with Just Posh Masks

For wholesale quality masquerade masks for cruise companies, hotels, event organizers and party planners. Buy any of our masks on a sale or return basis. Perfect for wedding and prom dress shops looking for masks to match their customer outfits

Read More

Enhance your guests' experience with a mask for your masquerade ball&nb

16 Feb 2018
Enhance your guests' experience with a wholesale contract

Girl at masquerade Christmas party wearing mask

Useful article to help you plan the office Christmas party

Choosing the Xmas party theme, where to go, what to eat through to designing your invites, to ensure your festive party is talked about through out next year

Read More

How to plan your office party            &n

08 Nov 2017
Planning the Perfect Office Christmas Party

blank raw masquerade masks to decorate

How to decorate a blank mask for kids

Instructions on what you need and how to create your own masquerade mask. A great way to occupy the kids during school holidays

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Kid’s Mask Decorating - The Ultimate School Holiday Boredom Buste

10 Oct 2017
Kids Mask Decorating

Colour Matching your masquerade dress

Free Infographic on colour matching your masquerade outfit

Which colour mask should you wear with your masked ball dress set out in a fun Infographic

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 Choose your masquerade dress and colour match it to your mask You ha

29 Sep 2017
Colour Matching your Masquerade Dress

Infographic on Halloween Costumes

Free Infographic on what your Halloween costumes says about you

From the white sheet depicting a ghost to the Halloween masks for the adult masquerade ball

Who really enjoys it?

Read More

Halloween is all about respect and remembrance for those who have passed on

27 Sep 2017
Fun Infographic on what your Halloween Costume says about you

infographic on What to wear to a masquerade ball

Free Infographic on What to Wear to a masquerade ball

A fun help guide on choosing shoes, dress, suits and accessories, for men and women going to a masquerade party

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A simple guide to choosing your masquerade outfit A guide for men and wome

04 Jul 2017
Infographic on What to Wear to a Masked Ball

Masquerade Hairstyle

Choosing the right hairstyle for your mask

A guide to help you get the correct hairdo to match your masquerade mask. Do you choose your mask first or your hairstyle first?

Read More

  Masquerade Hairstyles - Choosing the Right One It goes without s

28 Feb 2017
Guide to Hairstyles for a Masked Ball

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