Venetian Mask or Masquerade Mask - You Decide

10 Aug 2016

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Don't know whether you should wear a Venetian mask or a Masquerade Mask to your masked ball?

Here at Just Posh Masks we know that choosing the right masquerade mask for your masked ball can be a challenge

Don't fret because you have come to the right place to buy that perfect mask 

Whether you are looking for a luxury Venetian mask or a cheap budget ball mask you are spoilt for choice at Just Posh Masks

We are one of the largest suppliers of Venetian masquerade masks in the UK. All of our masks are high quality, made and hand decorated in Italy. We do not supply Chinese imported masks which have been known to have been decorated with toxic materials and inferior glitter which can damage the eyes

Masquerade Balls have become a regular theme of a traditional party and an excellent way for Charities to raise money. Events companies and office Christmas party organisers are also finding a masked ball is an excellent way to theme a party. 

If you have been invited to a masquerade event then check to see if a mask is compulsory or an optional extra

Whether your invite says "Masked Ball" "Masquerade Party" or "Venetian Ball", and assuming there is no dress code, you can dress in your best, or favourite, outfit and simply wear a half face mask to match. Or you can get totally into character and wear a traditional Venetian mask in the form of a Venice carnival character together with a cape and/or three cornered Tricorn hat and make yourself unidentifiable

Venetian Masks are made in the traditional manner from papier mache, coated in a fine plaster cast to give them strength and then hand decorated, by Venetian artisans, using the finest of paints, gems and glitters. These masks usually depict characters of the Venice carnival, although modern mask makers have moved with the times and you can now buy fancy feathered masks and a huge range of half face masks in an array of shapes and decorations. Venetian masks are flexible and will fit most size faces

Masquerade Masks are usually resin based, still made by the Venetians, and are hand decorated with the same high quality materials. These masks are definitely more durable and hard wearing. Not as flexible as the Venetian masks or the metal masks but are still modelled on a human face, rather than a mannequin, making them a comfortable cheaper alternative

Our Filigree Metal Masks are made from a fine metal, laser cut to give a lace effect mask and then powder coated with acrylic paints. These masks are coated on both sides of the mask which is usually not the case with cheaper versions. The metal is also flexible and strong enough to be moulded to your face making it one of the most comfortable masks you can wear

If, like most people, it is the colour of your mask (not what it is made of) that is important to you then you need to search our website “By Colour” where you can view our complete range in your chosen colour, even filtering down whether you want gold or silver trim

Whichever mask you choose to wear at your Ball, just remember, they are fun and certainly help to throw off any inhibitions

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