Children's Masks

At Just Posh Masks, we want everyone to be able to enjoy the masquerade fun, which is why we’re excited to bring you a selection of childrens masquerade masks. Crafted in Venice to the same standards as our adult masks, you can pick from dozens of colours in several styles.

If your little ones are headed to a masquerade themed fancy dress party or birthday bash, then we have a wonderful selection of children’s masquerade masks that will not only make them feel grown up and special, but are comfortable and durable too.

Create a darling little princess with one of our gorgeous children’s Colombina masks, like the Baby Fiore Gold. This half-face mask, with a sweetheart shape, gold glitter detailing and braiding is truly stunning and can be tied with silk ribbons or attached to a stick, which can make it easier for kids to take off. Alternatively, if your little masquerade party goer wants something more elaborate then we have plenty of feathered options like the Baby Armony Red or the half-face Baby Jester mask with jester headdress.

Of course, you might want to have a little creative fun with your children and let them decorate their own to exactly match their costume, in which case we offer a choice of plain white masks in the Cigno, Semplice and Colombina style. They’re left blank and ready to decorate with your own paints, glitter, fabrics, braiding and more for a fun masquerade mask for children.

Whatever you’re looking for, at Just Posh Masks our comprehensive range of children’s masquerade masks definitely won’t disappoint for quality, value and variety.

Baby Fiore Gold – Small Carnival Masks
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