Blank Masks for Decorating

Fancy trying your hand at designing a unique masquerade mask? If so, this selection of white raw masks is sure to be of interest. Including a range of traditional shapes and designs, like the long-nosed beak mask, the cat mask or the traditional Bauta, it’s the ideal place to start exploring your creative side. MULTI BUY DEALS AVAILABLE ON ALL BLANK MASKS TO DECORATE Blog on: How to make unique masquerade masks

Be like a Venetian and create your own unique designed mask

If you’re attending a masquerade party, cruise ship masked ball, children’s birthday party, masquerade themed wedding or any kind of masked ball or event, then you may want to make sure your masquerade mask is exactly how you envisaged it. And with Just Posh Masks, we have just what you’re looking for with our high quality blank masquerade masks that allow you to create a unique mask unlike any other.

Our blank masquerade masks are supplied in their raw form to give you a wonderful blank canvas to work with. Made from resin, these masks are shaped using molds based on real human faces for added comfort and a better fit. Treated with several layers of tempera to give a nice smooth finish, you can decorate your mask exactly how you want with acrylic paints, glitter, jewels, fabrics, braiding and so much more.

With adult and children sizes available in a choice of different styles and designs, including full-faced Volto masks, character masks like the long-nosed Scaramouche and simple Colombina half-face masks you’ll find plenty to choose from, whether you’re wearing the mask to a masked ball or looking for an interesting table decorations for your themed wedding.

Plus, if you’re struggling for inspiration or decorating ideas, you’ll find loads of fabulous tips and ideas on the Just Posh Masks blog.

Bambino Cignetto Grezzo – Small Blank White Swan Masks to Decorate
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