Womens Full Face Masks


Emblazoned with traditional Venetian designs, delicate filigree or striking gold scrollwork, the show-stopping womens full-face masks in our range are perfect if you’re trying to recapture the glamour of the first carnivals, or completely conceal your identity. Browse below to find options that will suit even the most discerning of tastes.

Ladies Masquerade Masks that cover the whole face

One of the appeals of masquerade masks throughout history and in the modern day, is that they allow the wearer anonymity. Traditionally with full-faced masks, this meant that women could dress as men and vice versa. Whilst this isn’t necessarily so common now, with many women opting for more feminine masquerade costumes with half-face masks, there are still a number of ladies who want a truly Venetian feel with a full-faced Volto mask.

And with Just Posh Masks, this is entirely possible as we have a lovely collection of authentic Venetian masquerade masks that are suitable for a whole host of occasions, be it a masquerade ball, fancy dress party, carnival or theatre production.

Take the time to explore our range of full-faced masks, we have everything from elaborate Full-Faced Feathered Masquerade Masks like the Volto Piuma Piena or Volto Arlecchino, which are adorned with a plume of sumptuous feathers, through to the classic designs of the Volto Sacchi with diamond patterns, or even a Luxury Filigree Metal Lace Phantom Style Mask for those who want to emulate the tragic Phantom of the Opera protagonist.

Whatever style you’re looking for, you can rest assured that with Just Posh Masks, we use high quality materials for an exceptional finish and wearer comfort.

Bauta Macrame Gold – Elegant and Sophisticated Macrame Lace Venetian Mask
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