Womens Feather Masks


Exquisite sprays of brightly-coloured ostrich feather adorn all of the masks in this selection, which has been hand-picked for party-goers that want to leave a lasting impression. Browsing below, you’ll find womens feather masks to match every outfit, irrespective of whether you’re going for glamour, glitz or a combination of the two.

With Just Posh Masks, you’ll find every kind of Venetian masks possible and for those who are in the mood for making a lasting impression at a masquerade party, masked ball or carnival, what better way to say “I’ve arrived” than with feathers!

There’s something about feathers that not only makes masquerade masks more fun, but also incredibly elegant, luxurious and feminine. And with our collection of women’s feathered masks you’ll find plenty of feathered fancies to catch your eye and those around you.

Perhaps you’re looking to emulate a lady of high society and class, in which case masks like the Venezia Jolly Gold or the Semplice Piume Gold just ooze opulence with plumes of beautiful feathers, gold braiding and glitter.

Alternatively, if you want to give off a vibrant carnival vibe, why not take a look at our choice of full-feathered masquerade masks, which will definitely make a lasting impression. We simply love the full-faced Volto Piuma Piena decorated with a splay of ostrich and peacock feathers, jewels and gold leaf overlay – it makes the perfect centrepiece for a masquerade ball or as an eye-catching wall decoration.

Whatever you want to say with feathers, you’ll find just what you’re after with Just Posh Masks, where we supply high quality masks at great value process.

Red Struzzo Plain – Ladies Mask with Centre Feathers
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