Peach Masks for Couples

Our beautiful peach masquerade masks for couples are both elegant and understated - perfect for those who are looking to match their attire with a more delicate colour. In most of these sets, the men’s mask comes in a wonderfully complimentary shade of rustic brown.

For many couples attending masquerade balls, costume parties, themed weddings or masquerade events, it’s important that there is a sense of unity and coordination between their outfits. This is why at Just Posh Masks, we have a selection of couple’s masks, in a wide choice of colours that will keep you and your partner in sync.

In this section you’ll find beautiful couple’s peach coloured masks that will allow the ladies to enhance their feminine side, whilst the men can still exude masculinity whilst looking perfectly in tune with their partner.

With stunning designs like the Daniela Colo, you’ll find all the flair and fancy you need from a female perspective with an elegantly scalloped Colombina mask decorated with gold braiding, glitter and ornate detailing, finished with a striking plume of peach coloured feathers, whilst the men’s mask is a simple Colombina mask in contrasting brass colour.

You’re sure to turn heads with any of our couple’s peach Venetian masks that are all made using quality materials and to an exceptionally high standard.

Vanity Tomboy Black – Couples Venetian Masks with Feathers | 5 Colours Available
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