Mens Feather Masks

Our flamboyant men's feather masks are the perfect choice for carnivals, festivals and other vibrant events. With a variety of colours to choose from, you’re sure to make an impact, whatever outfit you've got in mind. They also make stunning wall art and even wedding centrepieces.

Wearing a masquerade mask gives many men the perfect opportunity to indulge their extravagant side and none more so than a full-faced feather mask. Whilst many may assume that fancy feathers make for a women’s masquerade mask, you’d be wrong, as the whole idea of wearing masquerade masks is to give complete anonymity, so men can dress as women and vice versa.

With Just Posh Masks, you’ll find a stunning collection of full-faced feathered masks that look as extravagant and elegant as you could possibly imagine. If you want to emulate sheer glamour and luxury from behind your mask, yet still retain some masculine charm, why not take a look at the Full-Faced Feathered Volto Piuma mask in blue, red or purple. Adorned with glitter, braiding and jewels all framed by a sumptuous plume of ostrich and peacock feathers, it will look striking at any masquerade party, ball or event.

By using only high quality materials and manufacturing masks to an exceptional standard, with Just Posh Masks, you’ll find fabulous pieces that can be worn to the masked ball or simply put on display on your wall.

Rio Silver – Luxury Full Feathered Venetian Carnival Mask | Available in 2 Colours
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