Womens Resin Masks


Hard-wearing, beautifully appointed and covered in a breathtaking assortment of minute details that are sure to turn heads, the women's resin masks in our range are the ideal accompaniment, irrespective of whether you’re heading for the ball of the season, or just attending a charity function with your work friends.

If you’re looking for an authentically styled Venetian mask that is made from hardwearing and comfortable materials, then look no further than our range of women’s resin masks. With such a wide variety on offer, at Just Posh Masks, you’re sure to find just the right style, colour and design of mask to complete your gorgeous masquerade ball costume.

With our selection of resin masks, you’ll find exceptional value for money, quality, durability and variety. Whether you’re looking to embrace your playful side and don feline features with a half-face cat mask that can be found with plain colours and more ornate detailing, or you want to go all out with a fancy and over-the-top full-face Volto Armony Jolly Jester Face complete with striking feathers, we have something to suit everyone’s tastes.

With so many different designs available, the possibilities for creating your masquerade persona are endless for masquerade parties, Halloween outfits, formal masked ball, carnivals, theatre productions or simply a beautiful display piece in your home.

Why not take a look at our extensive range of premium quality women’s resin masks below, where you’ll find plenty of inspiration for the perfect centrepiece for your masquerade costume.

Semplice Lato – Silver Side Feather Masquerade Masks  | 10 Colours Available
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