Mens Filigree Metal Masks

Our men’s filigree metal masks are some of the very finest pieces that we offer. Laser cut to stunning designs such as bats, demons, spiders webs and more, these masks are the perfect accompaniment to your ball outfit, and also make beautiful pieces of artwork in their own right.

If you’re going to be attending a masquerade ball, costume party, carnival or anything masquerade related this year, then why not truly get into character with one of our stunning Men's Metal Venetian Masks.

Although, some of the pretty detailing and designs may look a little feminine at first glance, they are in fact unisex designs. Not only that, but the whole beauty of masquerade masks was for wearers to be in disguise so many men dressed up as women and vice versa, which means there are no boundaries!

Our metal Venetian masks give a wonderful ornate and opulent feel for the wearer and make a fantastic centrepiece for costumes, whether you’re looking to be charismatic and alluring or you want to give a more decorative spin on a Phantom style mask. If you want to cause a real stir and show off your dark side, the Metal Pippistrello Venetian Mask is a stunning depiction of a bat and beautifully frames the eyes whilst partially concealing the face.

The delicate Venetian Filigree designs are laser cut to create the intricate detailing in the masks and give a high quality finish for exceptional comfort during wear.

Why not see all the superb designs we have on offer, from plain white and black through to multi-coloured.

Teschietto Fili – Black Filigree Metal Skull Mask for Halloween
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