Mens Purple Masks

Deep, luxurious purples have long been associated with royalty, and the addition of a purple mens masquerade mask can instantly transform a dark suit - lending you a mysterious and ethereal air. Below you’ll find a selection of traditional purple masks for men, chosen for their authenticity and their tasteful elegance.

With Just Posh Masks, you’ll find an incredible selection of men’s masquerade masks available in a wide range of colours, which includes purple in this section.
As a rich and sensuous colour, purple is often associated with royalty, magic, piety and mystery, making it the perfect colour to give your masquerade ball costume a regal or mysterious air.

Whether you want to position yourself as the joker in the room with a Columbina Jester Mask with headdress, which marries deep purple, gold and pearls to give a rich and magical feel or you’re going for a slightly sinister and superior look with a Big Nose Venetian Masquerade Mask finished with gorgeous gold leaf overlay, you will definitely look the part with a masquerade mask from Just Posh Masks.

With all our masks made to reflect authentic Venetian masquerade masks, you’ll certainly be dressed to impress wearing a masquerade mask that’s beautifully crafted using high quality materials and manufactured to a very high standard for a wonderful finished product.

You can see our full range of men’s purple masks below for a truly regal and magical centrepiece for your masked ball costume.

Rio Silver – Luxury Full Feathered Venetian Carnival Mask | Available in 2 Colours
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