Turquoise Masks for Couples

Present a united front with a pair of our dazzling turquoise masks. Chosen for their complementary styling and identical colours, these authentic venetian couples’ masks are the ideal way to make sure you and your partner stand out from the crowd.

At Just Posh Masks, we have a huge collection of couple’s masquerade masks on offer, so for those couples who want to look unified, coordinated and exceptionally stylish, whether it’s a masked ball, masquerade costume party or theatre production, you’ll find just what you’re looking for right here.

In this section we offer a beautiful selection of couple’s turquoise masks that will give the women a fresh and feminine feel in bright turquoise, whilst the men will look dashing in complementary gold or silver half-face masks.

With the choice of delicate Cigno Fiore Venetian masks in either gold or silver, you and your partner will definitely look the part of a true Venetian Carnival guests. The wonderfully ornate swan-shaped female mask is decorated with glitter and braiding for a feminine touch, and goes perfectly with the plain men’s Colombina.

Of course, if you fancy adding a little more panache to your ensembles, why not go for a feathered mask, like the Colo Iris, which features a striking side-plume of turquoise flowers for a fabulous finish.

Whatever double act you’re looking to create, you’ll find exceptional quality and comfort with all masks from Just Posh Masks. Why not take a look at all the choices for couple’s turquoise masks below.

Colo Giglio Fiore – His and Hers Masks for a Masked Ball
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