Womens Cerise Pink Masks


If our standard shades of pink aren’t quite eye-catching enough, our cerise pink collection is sure to make an impact. These vividly pink masks are perfect for sweet 16 and hen parties alike, but you’ll also find luxurious lace options to compliment your ball gown too.

At Just Posh Masks, you’ll find we have a wide assortment of colours and designs for women’s masquerade masks, and whilst there are some ladies who want a soft and delicate pink to show off their femininity, there are plenty of others who prefer a bolder statement pink, like cerise! This is why at Just Posh Masks, we have a section dedicated to the different types of pink, and right here you’ll find women’s cerise pink masks that will blow you away.

Whether you’re looking for vivacious and fanciful or sexy and elegant for a masquerade ball, fancy dress costume or carnival outfit, we have plenty of different styles and shades to whet your appetite.

Incorporating a bright cerise pink into your outfit is a great way to give a splash of colour and luxury, so why not embrace your exuberant side and finish your outfit with a burst of cerise pink feathers with a Semplice Side-Feathered Masquerade Mask. This beautiful heart-shaped eye mask oozes femininity and luxury with feathers, lace, glitter and jewels. However, if you’re hoping to emulate a more demure and subtle persona there are a number of plain and simple designs like the Cigno Fiore designs in cerise pink, which are just as stunning.

With our collection of women’s cerise masks, you’ll find all our products are made to a high standard using quality materials for comfort and an exceptional finish.

Merletto – Ladies Lace Masquerade Masks  | 7 Colours Available
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