Tricorn Hats and Sticks

If you’re truly dead set on recapturing the elegance of a bygone age, you’ll need more than just a mask. Here you’ll find a range of authentic accessories that will complement any masquerade outfit, including a tricorn hat, which looks particularly dashing when paired with the traditional Bauta mask.

At Just Posh Masks, we don’t just provide you with fantastic and beautiful Venetian masks; we also stock a variety of costumes and accessories that will give your masquerade character a truly authentic feel.

In traditional Venetian masquerade attire, many individuals not only donned a mask, but also covered up in full length black capes and black Tricorn hats – a three cornered hat – to give them a full disguise.

So if you’re looking to complete your masquerade ball outfit and really keep people guessing then why not team your stunning mask with one of our Full-length black satin capes and a Tricorn hat, typically worn with Bauta or Volto full-faced masks for that added air of mystery.

Or for those who’ve opted for a half-mask design, you can also add a beautiful wooden stick with braiding and tassels that can attach to your mask. This makes revealing and concealing your identify at those masquerade balls and costume parties that little bit easier and more exciting.

Our range of costumes and accessories are designed to enhance your masquerade ball costume. Made from high quality materials, you’ll find they’re the perfect accompaniment to your masquerade ensemble.

Luxury Satin Venetian Capes – Full Length Cape in Black
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