Blue Masks for Couples

We’re delighted to stock a wide variety of couples’ masks in blue - perfect for couples who want to match, and have either a blue theme or blue dress that they’re looking to compliment. Alternatively, they make a fantastic contrast with neutral outfits or even complimentary orange.

Whether you’re wearing black, white, blue, gold or silver, the perfect way to finish your masquerade ball costume as a couple is with a pair of matching couple’s blue masks from Just Posh Masks. We have an assortment of blue masks for him and her that will make the perfect double act, regardless of if you’re going for an understated and mysterious look or bright and fancy.

A stunning pair of masks in our couple’s blue mask range include the Colo Iris, which allows the lady to feel wonderfully feminine and elegant with a sweetheart shaped mask decorated with pretty gold trim, blue glitter and an exuberant side trim of feathers, whilst the gentleman can feel equally as refined and suave with a plain gold mask to match.

Of course, you may prefer something that is fully coordinated, in which case something like the Iris Diamond His n Hers masks are perfect. They are slightly different shaped Colombina masks to differentiate between male and female, but a matching blue and white diamond pattern to finish.

Whatever style you wish to convey, with Just Posh Masks you’ll find exceptional quality and comfort with all our masks and the perfect centrepiece for your masquerade party outfit, whether you’re headed to a masked ball, costume party or carnival celebration.

Colo Iris Gold – Couples Masks with Feathers
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