Venetian Carnival Masks


Whether you’re actually attending the Carnevale di Venezia, or just trying to bring some of its magic to a more everyday masquerade ball, you’re sure to find something of interest in this selection of authentic Venetian masks. Below you’ll find decadent, gilt designs and more traditional masks too. If you want to dress as a particular Character then search here for your Commedia Dell'Arte Character Mask

The Venice Carnival is one of Italy’s most popular and glamorous events. People from all over the world flock to this magical city to join in the masked celebrations, dressing up in elaborate costumes and adorning themselves with special carnival masks. Here at Just Posh Masks, we have an enormous selection for you to choose from.

During the Venice carnival, the streets are filled with throngs of masked party goers during frantic merrymaking that lasts from Boxing Day right through until Shrove Tuesday. The concept behind carnival masks dates back to the 13th Century, where a strict class hierarchy and the stigma surrounding indulgence in a number of vices meant that anonymity was highly prized. Nowadays, carnival masks fulfil a much more benevolent function - allowing people to showcase their creativity and flair in a celebratory setting.

If you’re planning a trip to Venice during carnival season, you will definitely be interested in our selection of genuine venetian carnival masks. Whether you’re looking to don a Venetian stock character mask like Il Capitano with his beak-like nose, play the role of the Jester or go all out with a full-faced Bauta mask, long black cape and tricorn hat. You’ll find something to suit you here.

And with all our masks made to an exceptionally high standard and specifications using quality materials, you’ll definitely look the part during the fabulous celebrations of the Venice Carnival.

If you want to dress as a particular Character then search here for your Commedia Dell'Arte Character Mask

Bauta Plain – Traditional Venetian Bauta Masks | 5 Plain Colours
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