Macrame and Lace Masks

From exquisite macrame designs, to delicate burlesque detailing, our range of lace masquerade masks is both elegant and beautiful. These soft, ribbon-tied masks are supremely comfortable, making them perfect for evening-long wear. Choose from a wide variety of colours and styles.

Using lace to decorate masquerade masks is a relatively modern practice, however our lace masks are some of our best sellers, and for a good reason; adding an elegant, feminine touch to an outfit has never been so simple. Our versatile range of lace masquerade masks are handmade in Italy and many feature lace from the Island of Burano in the Venetian Lagoon.

We offer two styles of lace masks, the softer of which - Burlesque and Merletto styles - are simply made of lace fabric and therefore sit directly on the face. When matched to the right dress, they can be the essential finishing touch to a seamless outfit with a luxurious concept. As they are made from lace, these masks are well suited for unusual face shapes, or for those who find the traditional rigid papier-mâché masks uncomfortable.

Our larger range of Macramé lace masks are created by attaching lace to the traditional papier-mâché masks that form the base for the majority of Venetian masks. The lace on these masks tends to be more bold and can feature gemstones and pearls, perfect for adding class and a little sparkle to an outfit.

To make eating and socialising easier, it is possible for the Macramé masks to be attached to a stick, however this is not possible for the Burlesque and Merletto styles as they are made of a beautifully soft fabric.

Inspired by the intricacy of Burano lace, our range of filigree metal masquerade masks, indulgent velvet masquerade masks and Vittorian luxury couple masks are anything but bold and garish, however the obvious expert handcraftsmanship involved in their creation means that all who see them cannot deny their pure elegance and beauty. These masks are, like their lace counterparts, perfect for the most exclusive of masquerade balls and highbrow events.

If you would like some advice on choosing a mask, or would like to ask a question about this beautiful range of masks, contact us on 01189474114 or email


Bauta Macrame Gold – Elegant and Sophisticated Macrame Lace Venetian Mask
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