Brown Masks


While brown might not strike you as an obvious choice for your masquerade mask, it is nonetheless one of the truly classic options. Rustic browns and shades of bronze make for an authentic feel, and can be paired with black or white attire at your next masquerade ball.

With our range of Rust Brown Venetian Masquerade Masks you’ll find an assortment of styles and shades that look absolutely stunning as part of a masquerade costume for masked balls, autumn themed masquerade parties and carnivals.

This collection of Venetian masquerade masks in rust brown, range from dark browns through to bright rust tones for a rustic and autumnal feel. Whether you’re looking for half-face eye masks, feathered masks or carnival masks, we have plenty of choice available right here, for both men and women’s masquerade masks.

The Jester Mosaic Gold Masquerade Mask, is a fabulous blend of rust brown tones, pale gold and oranges finished with gold bells so you can really play the part of the joker at the masked ball! Or perhaps you’re looking for something feminine, in which case the Teresa Gold with Metal Lace Butterfly is a deep rust coloured mask with gold glitter and Filigree Metal Lace Butterfly detailing for a truly elegant look.

Whatever persona you’re hoping to emulate, you’ll find plenty of different styles and colours to choose from with Just Posh Masks, along with exceptional quality and wearer comfort too.

Joker Jester Mosaic Gold – Mask with Headdress Bells and Pearls | 6 Colour Options
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