Womens Silver Masks


Shimmering hues of cool silver always add an air of refined sophistication, which is why we’ve gone out of our way to bring you a lavish selection of womens silver masks. The range below includes sleek, modern designs and more traditional examples; inspired by the fashions of sixteenth-century Venice.

At Just Posh Masks, we offer an extensive collection of women’s masquerade masks available, so whatever style of outfit you’re wearing or look you’re hoping to convey, you’re sure to find the right mask to create to complement your masquerade party costume.

Right here, you’ll find a wonderful choice of women’s silver masks, which cover everything from plain and simple Colombina masks through to elaborate and detailed Larga masks. The wonderful thing about Venetian masks, is that it allows the wearer to have anonymity and to create an alter-ego.

For those ladies who fancy playing out the femme fatal at the ball, why not give your ensemble a more mysterious and dangerous edge with a Madam Music - Colombina Silver Leafed Venetian Mask. The feminine shape will conceal your identify, but the elaborate detail with silver leaf overlay and antiqued effect, gives it even more allure for those intrigued guests.

The fantastic appeal of our women’s silver masks, and all our women’s masks for that matter, is that they can be worn to a whole host of occasions. Whether you’re heading to a high-end costume party, masquerade ball or intimate dinner masquerade party, you’ll look just the part and benefit from the exceptional quality and manufacturing of all Just Posh Masks.

Take a look at all we have on offer below.

Half Face Venetian Masquerade Masks – Colombina Ibiz
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