Green Masks


The classic green and gold combination is a staple of the Venetian carnival, which is why we’re delighted to bring you a sensational selection of these wonderful pieces. Our range of green masquerade masks doesn’t stop there of course; we have solid green macrame eye masks available too.

If green is your theme for a masquerade ball costume or fancy dress outfit, then Just Posh Masks have a beautiful collection of men and women’s green Venetian masquerade masks just for you.

Our complete range includes simple Colombina half-face masks all the way through to traditional Venetian character masks that are all decorated with green as the dominant colour and in most cases finished with a gold or silver trim.

From bright emerald and dark pine shades through to softer sage, mint and fern greens, you’ll find just the right tone to match your eyes, outfit or accessories.

The Joker Double mask perfectly combines deep green with gold and Venetian scenes and gives a wonderfully authentic Venetian Carnival look for ladies and gents. But if you want to add a little more flair to your ensemble, why not say it with feathers with one of our many feathered masks that include pretty side-plumes, as well as full-feathered masks for a carnival feel.

If you’re looking for green to complete your masquerade outfit, then you’re in the right place and with all our masks made from high quality materials to give an exquisite finish and comfort you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Gatto Scacchi – Venetian Cat Masks Check Design | 5 Colours Available
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