Cruise Ship Masquerade Ball Masks


Most cruises feature at least one masquerade ball, and the only way to ensure that you turn heads at these events is to bring your own authentic Venetian mask. Below you’ll find a selection of hand-picked designs, to match men and women’s formal wear of any description.

If you’re off on a cruise ship holiday, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a regular Cruise goer or this is your first time, you’ll find that there are a number of themed nights for entertainment, like a Masquerade Ball.

Whilst the dress code for masked balls can vary, they are invariably formal affairs requiring smart dress and an appropriate mask. Some operators specify the type of mask, black and white, Domino or Harlequin, whereas others may simply state Mardi Gras Venetian Masks, either way, you’ll find a wide assortment of stunning masquerade masks with Just Posh Masks.

We have a huge selection of masks for these occasions, from jewelled and feathered to plain and simple, so whatever style you’re looking to emulate there’s plenty on offer. Perhaps you want a demure and sultry look, then why not consider a Filigree Metal Lace Venetia Mask like the Chic or Petal; these are some of our most comfortable masks made from lightweight laser cut metal and they look absolutely stunning too. Or maybe you and your partner want a vibrant and extravagant feel, whilst looking perfectly coordinated, in which case our couple’s masks like the Smoking Vanity Blue has it all with a ladies half-face Giglio mask with a side-plume of feathers and a matching straight lined Colombina mask decorated with glitter and jewels for the gents.

Whatever look you’re going for at your Cruise Ship Masquerade Ball, with Just Posh Masks you’ll find exceptional quality and value in beautiful designs for a magical masked ball experience.

Larga Melody – Gold and Cream Unisex Masquerade Masks
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