Blank Masks


We know just how creative our customers can be, which is why we are offering all the diffferent types of mask in their raw white state, ready for you to work your magic. These high-quality tempera pieces can be decorated however you like - check our help guide on how to make your own unique masquerade mask MULTI BUY DEALS AVAILABLE ON ALL BLANK MASKS

Venetian masquerade and Mardi Gras Masks for Decorating

If you cannot find the exact design or style of mask you like why not buy from our blank un-decorated range and create your own unique mask for your masquerade event

Our full range of masks, full face, half face and traditional Venetian characters including the Joker masks, Bauta, Comedy and Tragedy masks, nose and beak masks and cat masks, all left in their raw state, blank, for you to decorate yourself

These plain white masks are coated in several layers of white tempera, which are then ready for you to add your own paints, fabrics, glitter, braiding and/or jewels

Available in Adult and Child Sizes, they are perfect for decorating

For you and the kids to bring out your own creative ideas adding your own design using acrylic paints, crystals, odd bits of material, even left over wallpaper, feathers, silk flowers, netting or even old foil sweet wrappers.

The choice and ideas are endless

You can also use these masks as place settings or table decorations at your Venetian themed masquerade wedding

You can be sure that if you purchase one of these blank masks and decorate it yourself you will not have the worry of someone else turning up at your Mardi Gras or masked ball event in the same mask

All these masks are available decorated elsewhere in our store

Cigno Grezzo – Blank White Swan Masks to Decorate
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