Mens Half Face Masks

Our selection of men’s half face masquerade masks encompasses everything from the traditional black eye mask to unique Venetian designs. In the spirit of the masquerade, this type of carnival mask is perfect for concealing your identity while still allowing you to eat and drink at leisure.

Half Face Carnival Eye Masked Ball Masks for Men

The masquerade theme has become increasingly popular in the UK, with many people donning Venetian masks for costume parties, masked balls and popular holidays and carnivals. With our wonderful selection of men’s carnival masks, you’re sure to find the exact style of masquerade mask you need at Just Posh Masks.

If you’re heading to some national holiday celebrations and want to demonstrate your passion and patriotism with an England or Scotland flag carnival mask, then we have just the ticket you’re looking for. Or perhaps you’re looking to bring a little glamour and luxury to carnival or masquerade party celebrations with an ornate and vibrant mask, in which case there are plenty to choose from, including the Jester Joker Masquerade Mask with headdress or Venetian Filigree Metal Masquerade Masks available in black or white, which is the epitome of luxury and incredibly comfortable to wear.

Whatever style you decide on as the centrepiece for your masquerade costume, you’ll find the same exceptional quality and manufacturing with all authentic styled Venetian masks from Just Posh Masks.

You can explore our full range of carnival masks and specifications below.

Larga Argento – Mans Black Eye Mask with Silver Leaf Decor
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