Mens Pink Masks

If you’re keen to stand out from the crowd, one of our pink mens masquerade masks might be exactly what you’re looking for. An unusual and exciting choice, these eye-catching designs will help to lift any outfit. we stock a range of traditional men's pink masks - from full-face Volto designs, to more traditional half-face masks.

Whilst pink is a colour typically associated with and worn by women, when it comes to Venetian masks this stereotype no longer applies, as the whole concept of Venetian masks was to give complete anonymity to the wearer. So you can have women dressed as men and men dressed as women.

If you fancy embracing your feminine side for a masked ball, masquerade party or even a fancy dress costume, then why not take a look at the men’s pink mask available at Just Posh Masks. All our men’s masks are unisex, so they can be worn by men or women. You can give your masquerade ball costume a little extra colour and flair, by adding a pink themed mask into the mix, like the beautiful Colombina Masquerade Mask with Larga Scenes. With a myriad of different colours, including pink, it can be the perfect accessory to tie your outfit together, whatever persona you’re adopting.

All the masks from Just Posh Masks are made to an incredibly high standard, using high quality materials and manufactured to portray authentic Venetian masquerade mask designs, including the Colombina, Bauta and Long Nose masks.

Take the time to explore our range of men’s pink masks and other colours to find just the right style for you.

Captain Venezia – Il Capitano Snub Nose Beak Mask
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