Paper Mâché Masks for Couples

Choose our paper mache couples masks for their comfortable and lightweight design - perfect for balls, parties and more. Whether you’re looking for a pair of perfectly matching pieces, or perhaps a complimentary black and white set, we’re sure to have what you’re looking for in this authentic selection.

At Just Posh Masks, we want you and your partner to look and feel truly fabulous in any one of our couple's Venetian masks for your masked ball, masquerade costume party or fancy dress occasion, which is why we have a huge selection of high quality traditional Venetian masks, direct from Venice, to complete your couple's costume.

In this section you'll find a stunning range of traditional Venetian masks made using Italian papier mâché masquerade masks that are handmade using the traditional method of pressed damp strips of paper that are dried and sanded smooth to create a beautiful plaster cast that's decorated in a variety of ways using fine materials. You and your partner can be the prince and princess of the masquerade ball with coordinated gold painted masks adorned with jewels, like our Luxury Gold Venetian Masks that feature a wonderfully scalloped ladies mask and simple Colombina men's mask that are finished with a central sparkling crystal.

Or perhaps you're looking for something with more pizzazz, in which case we have a number of feathered masks, like the Smoking Vanity Blue that features an elegant feather-plumed mask for the ladies that are wonderfully complemented by matching men's masks.

You can find so much choice in our Italian papier mâché selection that are all made to an exceptional standard to provide a beautiful finish and incredible comfort during wear.

Tomboy Macrame Silver – Luxury Venetian Masks for Couples | Available in Blue or White
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