Mens Budget Masks

You don't want to spend a fortune, and lets be honest, you don't really want to wear a mask but you have been told you must. With this in mind, we’ve picked some of our cheaper, some understated, but all cost-effective, men’s masquerade masks for you to peruse. Don't forget our Filigree metal range which we have not included here but which are, by far, the most comfortable masks to wear

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At Just Posh Masks we aim to cater to everybody’s tastes, needs and budgets, which is why we offer a great range of budget men’s masquerade masks. We understand that whilst for some men, attending masquerade balls may be a regular occurrence and something you relish investing in, for others it may be a one off foray into the world of masked balls, so you don’t want to spend a huge amount on a masquerade ball costume. However, this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on quality. At Just Posh Masks, we have a number of lower-priced masks, which are still made to a high standard using quality materials.

Why not opt for a classic Venetian mask with a single coloured Half-Face Joker mask with silk ties that will allow you to fully get into character and with a single colour it can be worn with any style and colour of costume. Or perhaps you want to portray a dangerous persona like a matador with a black or red Venetian Masquerade Mask Colombina Commedia – there are plenty to choose from.

With Just Posh Masks, you’ll find a diverse range of high quality masks, at great value prices, so you can create the perfect centrepiece for your masquerade costume, whether it’s for a masquerade ball, costume party or carnival.

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