Gold Masks


Few mask colours offer the luxurious and regal feel of gold, which is why we have a whole host available for you to pick from. Pair one of these exquisite pieces with a plain black suit or dress for instant impact, or match one of our gold masquerade masks with a real Venetian ensemble for true authenticity.

At Just Posh Masks we have a stunning array of gold masquerade masks that are just perfect for a masked party ensemble, fancy dress outfit or carnival costume.

Whilst the large majority of our masks do feature silver and gold trims, this collection of masks have more gold incorporated into the design for an even more luxurious and opulent feel.

Whether you’re headed to a black tie masked ball or a masquerade themed party, you can look dashing, debonair and refined in any one of our gold masks. From half-face Colombina masks and Jester masks to full-faced Volto and Bauta masks you’ll find everything you could possibly need right here.

Give your outfit a sinister and devilish edge, with the Diavolo Volto Gold to perfectly conceal your face and give people a fright at a Halloween bash or make a lasting impression with an elegant and exuberant Moulin Rouge Piena Gold - a bright gold mask decorated with plume of black feathers.

Using only the finest materials, such as gold leaf overlay, macramé lace and high quality braiding, our range of gold masquerade masks offers exquisite detail and quality every time.

Gold Gold Leafed Venetian Masquerade Masks for Women – Madam Music
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