Mens Blue Masks

From midnight blues to eye-catching shades of lapis lazuli, our collection of blue masquerade masks for men includes options to match any outfit or style. If you’re looking for a stylish and sophisticated mask that can be worn to charity functions, new year’s balls or traditional masquerade parties, you’re sure to find something in the range below.

At Just Posh Masks we offer an incredibly diverse selection of men’s blue masks for creating the perfect centrepiece to complete your masquerade ball costume.

Whether you want to depict the traditional and rather sinister look of The Plague Doctor, one of the Venetian’s most recognisable masks with its long beak or you’re hoping to emulate a more devilish charm with a Colombina style masquerade mask, our fabulous blue Venetian Masks will meet your requirements.

We have a number of designs available in the different styles of mask, which offer varying levels of anonymity. For a truly authentic Venetian Masquerade Party, wearers can adopt a full-faced mask like the Bauta that feature gold leaf overlay, Venetian art scenes or Diamond Checked patterns. Or choose an ornate looking Cigno Swan Shape mask for that added bit of flare at your next Charity Masked Ball.

Made using premium quality materials and manufactured to a high standard, all masquerade masks from Just Posh Masks will make for a fabulous addition for masked ball costumes and occasions, for many years to come.

Joker Plain – Masquerade Masks for Men | 8 Colours Available
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