Sticks and Venetian Hats


Authentic womens Venetian costumes range from the flamboyant to the alluring, and our extensive range of masks means that you can complete your authentic look in any way you wish. We’re also delighted to stock accessories such as the tricorn hat for that finishing flourish.

With Just Posh Masks, you will find everything you could possibly need for a complete Venetian masquerade costume. Once you have found the perfect masquerade ball mask, why not finish your outfit and go for a truly authentic style with a full-length black cape or Tricorn Hat.

These pieces were often worn together with a full-faced Volto or Bauta mask at the Carnival of Venice to give the mask wearer complete anonymity. So if you are a lady looking to give off a mysterious air through a concealed identity or perhaps you just want to cover up your costume for a big unveiling at the main event, why not invest in a full-length black silk cape from Just Posh Masks.

Furthermore, whilst many of our masks attach using ribbon ties, there are a number mask designs which can be fitted with a stick. Our sticks are beautifully decorated with braiding and tassels to make them look elegant and stylish, but they serve a practical purpose of allowing you to conceal or reveal your identify as and when you choose throughout the event.

For a more of our quality women's costumes and accessories take a look at the full range below and simply click on the items for detailed product descriptions.

Luxury Satin Venetian Capes – Full Length Cape in Black
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