Mens Full Face Masks

For complete anonymity and visual impact, look no further than our spectacular selection of full face men’s masquerade masks. These stunning pieces come in numerous designs, from traditional character masks such as the imposing Bauta, to extravagant pieces like the Volto Piuma Piena.

Venetian masks are a quintessential part of the traditional Carnival of Venice, but it seems that masquerade themed events have become increasingly popular in the UK too, with people donning Venetian masks for masquerade balls, fancy dress parties, black tie masked balls and more.

Whilst there are numerous styles and designs for men’s Venetian masquerade masks, including the long nose masks and Colombina half-masks, it seems that many men still prefer to go for a full-faced mask that completely hides their face. This gives them anonymity and the opportunity to take on another persona, which was one of the principle attractions of mask wearing.

At Just Posh Masks, we have a fabulous selection of full-faced masks on offer, whether you want to assume a mysterious character with an ornately decorated Volto Mask, or feel less restricted with drinking and eating with a traditional Bauta mask, which will look incredibly authentic with a tabarra, black cape.

Irrespective of which style you decide on, be it simple and elegant or feathered and fancy, you will find all the masks from Just Posh Masks are made using premium quality materials to meet the high standards our clients require.

Teschio Lux – Luxury Black Filigree Metal Skull Mask
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