Black Masks


Utterly timeless, a little mysterious and effortlessly classy, a black masquerade mask pairs perfectly with everything, from tuxedos to lavish gold ball gowns. Below, you’ll find a whole host of traditional black masks in a variety of styles, ideal for anyone who wants to capture the true elegance of the masquerade.

Black Masquerade Masks with Gold, Silver or Plain Trim

Here at Just Posh Masks, we have a wide selection of black masquerade masks to choose from. Black masks are a favourite because they will go with almost any costume, and are appropriate for any masquerade ball, irrespective of whether it’s a black tie charity function, or a more flamboyant carnival event.

In our collection of black venetian masks, you’ll find authentically styled options for men and women that include everything from half-face eye masks to traditional Venetian character masks, such as the Colombina, Cigno, Long nosed and more.

So whether you want to assume complete anonymity with one of our full-faced Bauta or Volto Venetian masks, or add an air of mystery and allure to your ensemble with a half-face eye mask, you’ll find an abundance to choose from.

Our range of black masquerade masks are decorated predominantly in black or feature darker detailing that can be in the form of acrylic paint, glitter, jewels, feathers and lace. Using the finest materials, they are all made to an incredibly high standard for an exquisite finish and comfort for the wearer.

With a wide range of women’s, men’s and coordinating couple’s masks, you’ll find everything you need right here.

Black Struzzo Lux Plain – Ladies Mask with Centre Feathers
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