Bauta Masks

The perfect way to completely obscure your identity, the Bauta mask is one of the oldest masquerade mask designs - originally used to disguise Venetian politicians during important votes. We stock traditional, plain Bauta masks in gold and a selection of more ornate examples, replete with baroque styling.

The Bauta Mask is one of the Venetian Stock Masks and probably one of the most iconic traditional Venetian Carnival Masks you’ll see, although historically, it was just a simple white mask, not the gilded and elaborate designs you see in contemporary variants.

Originally this mask was only allowed to be worn by men, however there are many historic images of women wearing this mask, disguised as men, with a red or black cape and Tricorn (three cornered) hat, which simply demonstrates the effectiveness of its anonymity.

The Bauta is a full-faced mask that offers complete anonymity to the wearer, but thanks to the mask’s design, with its prominent nose and beak-like chin with no mouth, the wearer can talk, eat and drink without having to remove the mask and reveal their identity. Perfect for events where dinner and drinks will be served.

If you’re attending the Venice Carnival or a traditional masquerade ball and want to conceal your identity, then one of our authentically styled Venetian Bauta masks is the ideal choice. Whether you want to go for a simple design with one of our plain Bauta masks, or you’d prefer something with a little more flair such as the Bauta Melody, at Just Posh Masks you’ll find plenty of inspiration.

With all our masks made to an incredibly high standard using quality materials, you can have complete confidence that you’re getting great value for money and a wonderful centrepiece for your masquerade costume.

Bauta Silver – Silver Leaf Carnival and Theatre Venetian Masks
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