Masquerade Jester Masks

A colourful choice, perfect for louder-than-life characters, the jester mask is a lavishly-decorated option that can liven up formal wear, or complete a traditional Venetian costume. Our collection of authentic jester masks are all finished with beautiful decorative flourishes, and come in an assortment of vivid colours.

Our Jester Masks are truly delightful character masks that are ideal for men or women to wear to a masquerade ball or party.

In medieval times the Jester was pad to entertain rulers in the royal courts, often wearing brightly coloured clothing and depicting the fool or clown. Whilst it may not seem like an attractive role in modern day society, it still makes for a wonderful character at masked balls and something a little different from the other Venetian characters.

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a joker or simply want to emulate a fun and playful persona at your next masked ball, then our range of Jester masks will be perfect for you.

These Jester masks have a joker face and an elaborate headdress made from starched fabrics that is finished with beautiful braiding, pearls and bells for a truly authentic feel. We offer a number of half-face Jester masks with headdress, as well as the gorgeous full-faced Volto Armony Jolly, which features the Jester headdress and a sumptuous feather plume, so you’ll be sure to impress other guests with your costume.

All our masks are made to an exceptionally high standard, using fine quality materials, so with a Jester Mask from Just Posh Masks you can have complete confidence that you will look and feel fabulous at any masquerade party.

Jolly Jester Double – Venetian Colombina Mask with Headdress Bells and Pearls | 6 Colours Available
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