Womens Masks Worn with Glasses


If you wear glasses, you’ll be delighted to know that you don’t have to choose between the ability to see clearly, and the integrity of your masquerade outfit. Below you’ll find a selection of beautiful and striking womens masks for glasses, which can be combined with, or attached to, any pair of spectacles.

Masquerade Masks for Glasses Wearers

At Just Posh Masks we want our Venetian Masks to be suitable for every lady, which is why we offer a beautiful range of masquerade masks that are suitable for glasses wearers too. What this means, is that every woman now has the opportunity to wear a beautiful and elegant masquerade mask with or without their glasses and there is no need to spend the evening struggling to see or continuously switching between your mask and your glasses.

Take a look at our new range of Venetian masquerade masks specifically designed to be attached to the arms of your glasses frames

If none of these suite then choose a mask that you can attach a stick accessory too and simply hold your maks up over your glasses or why not give yourself a vampy look that is very en vogue, with a stunning Luxury Filigree Metal Masquerade Mask. The intricate detailing is wonderfully delicate and feminine and encrusted with Swarovski Crystals and Diamantes so you’ll feel elegant, opulent and the belle of the masquerade ball. It sits on top of your glasses and attaches with a silk ribbon tie for maximum comfort and a beautiful look.

We also have designs that sit above your glasses, like the Ali - Lace Metal Mask, which again features Venetian Filigree Lace Metal design that’s lightweight, and comfortable and available in black or white, to blend in or contrast with your glasses frames.

With all our masquerade masks manufactured to the highest standards using quality materials, as a glasses wearer you can create a wonderful centrepiece for your masquerade outfit, whether you’re attending a masked ball, fancy dress party or a themed masquerade party.

Burlesque – Ladies Material Lace Masquerade Mask | 6 Colours Available
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