Carnival Masks for Couples

Recapture the decadence of the Carnevale diVenezia with these gorgeous couples’ carnival masks; hand-chosen to ensure that you and your partner can both roll up to the door looking the part. If you want to compliment each other on and off the dance floor, the authentic masks in this range are sure to suit.

Whilst part of the appeal for the traditional Venetian masquerade mask was to go for a full-faced mask that offers complete anonymity, there are a number of practical aspects to consider, such as eating and drinking, which means many wearers prefer a half-face masquerade mask instead.

And at Just Posh Masks, we have a wonderful range of couple’s half-face carnival masks that will be the ideal finishing touch for your couple ensemble, whether you’re looking to be king and queen of the masked ball or simply blend in the crowd and keep people guessing.

We simply love the Venetian Filigree Metal Lace collection, which features intricate and delicate metalwork that looks elegant, luxurious and refined on both men and women. And with a variety of coordinating and contrasting styles, and the option of Swarovski Crystals and diamantes, you can go for understated beauty or bold bling.

Of course, we also have plenty of other half-face mask styles on offer to suit any couple’s style and taste, from classic golds and silvers on simply designed Colombina masks to fancy feathers, glitter and jewels.

The choice is entirely yours, but as with all masks from Just Posh Masks, you’ll find authentically styled Venetian masks that provide exceptional quality and comfort every time.

Colombina Sweetheart Love Me – Couples Masks with Hearts Detail
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