Brown Masks for Couples

Rich, russet browns and striking tones of ochre will complement any outfit that’s predominantly autumnal shades, and with a pair of our carefully selected brown masks for couples, you can make sure that your partner matches too. The authentic masks on this page are equally suited to informal events and black tie balls.

At Just Posh Masks, we offer a huge range of colours for our couple’s masquerade masks, which includes rust brown. Whilst many may prefer a gold and silver for their Venetian mask, a deep and rich brown colour associated with copper and brass can lend itself to a more unique and striking look as a couple.

Perhaps you’re heading to a rustic themed masquerade party where dark and autumnal colours will allow you to perfectly blend in and assume your masquerade persona, in which case one of our His n Hers couples masks in rust brown would be the perfect finishing piece for your costume. Beautiful masks like the Joker Giglio Gold with a half-face Joker mask for the men and a wonderfully elegant scalloped Colombina mask for the ladies will mean you both look absolutely stunning and perfectly coordinated all night long.

With Just Posh Masks, you’ll always find exceptional quality and comfort with all our masks made to an exceptionally high standard. Get inspired by our complete collection of couple’s masks in rust brown below.

Tomboy Macrame Gold – Smart Couples Venetian Masks | 3 Colours Available
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