Masquerade Masks by Style

Browse our selection of Venetian masquerade masks by style or material From leather, macrame lace, velvet, filigree metal or feather or by styles such as, designer, kids masks, masks on sticks or masks that attach to glasses

Traditionally Venetian Masks are made from leather, porcelain and Venetian glass and were less elaborate in their decoration, however modern masked ball masks still retain the authenticity of a Venetian style mask, but with the added elegance and allure of more decorative detailing.

Our leather masks are made using high quality genuine leather, our feathered masks use duck, goose and ostrich feathers and our lace masks use macrame lace from Burano, an island in the Venetian Lagoon

Our metal masks are made of fine quality metals laser cut to give intricate lace detail

Our papier mache masks, either meticulously layered into a mould until the required thickness is achieved or, using a new process carried out by the Venetian Artisans in order to meet the demand for masquerade masks, which is called "paper press". This involves the papier mache strips being pulped with a sticky solution and then machine pressed into the face mould and left to set.

Whether you’re looking for an outstanding centrepiece for your masquerade costume or a complementary accessory, at Just Posh Masks, you’ll always find high quality masks that are made to an exceptionally high standard.

They can be worn for masked balls, masquerade parties or simply displayed as a decorative piece in your home, the choice is yours

Venezia Jolly Gold – Feathered Venetian Masks with Velour Headdress | 8 Colours Available
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