Masks for Masquerade Balls by Occassion

At Just Posh Masks, we have a stunning collection of Venetian masquerade masks suitable for all kinds of masquerade occasions. So whether you’re heading to a black tie masked ball, masquerade wedding or your “Sweet Sixteen” birthday party, you’ll find plenty of beautiful designs to complete your outfit.

Black Tie Masked Ball

With a formal black tie masked ball it’s crucial to get the right mask to complement your outfit and make sure you stand out for all the right reasons. These exclusive events require smart attire – tux and black tie for the men finished with a smart and elegant mask like the Larga Gold half-face mask; and floor length gowns for the ladies teamed with an elaborate and fancy mask, such as the Butterfly Luxury Filigree Metal Lace Mask encrusted with Swarovski crystals and diamantes.

Charity Masked Ball  

Less formal than a black tie ball, but still requiring a mask, whether you go fancy and feathered or classic and simple is entirely up to you. 

Masquerade Weddings

Masquerade themed weddings are the perfect excuse to have a little fun, forget your hat and fascinators, choose a beautiful mask that perfectly matches your wedding ensemble.

Venice Carnival

If you’re taking a trip to the Venice Carnival, then a high quality mask is essential. It’s time to have some fun with your costume, go all out with a full-faced Volto or Bauta, or opt for quirky and fun with a Jester, Joker or Nose mask. For a truly authentic look, add a long black cape and tricorn hat and you’re in character for one of the best events of the year.

Sweet Sixteen and School Proms

We have plenty of stunning masks for those special moments in your life, plus with a stunning mask from Just Posh Masks you’ll have a wonderful keepsake to treasure.

Half-face masks with or without feathers are a great choice for making a statement, or for a real treat, our Filigree Metal Lace masks are one of our most comfortable and elegant masks.

Whatever the occasion, with Just Posh Masks, you’re sure to find the masquerade mask that’s perfect for you, whether you’re heading to a fancy dress party, cruise ship masked ball or masquerade party!

For an easy, downloadable and printable, reference take a look at our Infographic on Choosing the Right Mask

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