Masquerade Masks on Sticks

05 Sep 2016

Feather mask on stick

How To Guide: Masquerade Masks on Sticks

Please note: Most of our masks are available to order with a stick - simply use the drop-down box on the product page to specify with or without, and we’ll prepare the mask for you. Alternatively, if you already have a mask and would like to know how to attach one of our sticks, then read on!

Whether you wear glasses or you’d simply prefer to hold your mask rather than tie it with ribbon, adding a stick to a mask is very straightforward. Done properly it’ll be neat and robust, perfect for your upcoming ball, or as a decorative piece. We’ve even seen masquerade masks on sticks used as wedding table centrepieces. Watch our video and read the step-by-step guide below to find out how to do it.

What you’ll need:

  • Your masquerade mask

  • Masquerade mask stick

  • Hot glue gun or good quality wood glue

  • Craft knife or other cutting blade

  • Pen


STEP 1: The first step is to carefully remove the ribbon from the back of the mask, but don’t throw it away just yet, as you’ll need it in a later step.


STEP 2: The next step is to line up the the stick with the back of the mask, ready for you to attach it. Each of our sticks comes with a groove in the top for you to place onto the back of the mask at a neat right angle. Place this groove between the eye hole and where the ribbon used to be, and hold the mask up so that you can orient it properly. You’ll want to make sure the mask is completely horizontal when holding the stick vertically.


STEP 3: Once you’re happy that everything has been lined up properly, take a pen and draw around the end of the stick so that you can clearly see where to place it.


STEP 4: Our sticks come pre-painted, so to ensure that you’ve got a good surface to glue, you’ll need to score the contact patch. Take a craft knife or similar small blade and score the surface of the stick where it’s going to be attached to the mask. This rougher surface will help the glue to stick and ensure that everything’s nice and sturdy.


STEP 5: Apply glue to the scored area on the stick, and carefully push it into place on the back of the mask, where you marked it in step 2. Leave the glue to harden before moving onto the next step - this time will vary depending on the glue used.


STEP 6: To create a comfortable join on the back of the mask, we advise that you cover the top of the stick with ribbon. To do this, put some glue onto the back of the mask, either side of the top of the stick, and some on the stick itself. Then take the ribbon that you removed in the first step lay it across the area you’ve glued, and cut to size.

There you have it! You’ll now have a beautiful masquerade mask on a stick, ready to be taken to the ball, or even put in a vase as a home or wedding decoration. If you’re having any problems, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at - we’ll be delighted to give you a hand.


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